Activity, structure and symbolism

The mission of the organization

The mission of the corporation is proclaimed in Latin language as maxim „Humanitate et scientia“, which means creating a healthier society using humanity and science.

The aims of the corporation:

  • To inform society about health care problems and innovations using mass media and other means;
  • To elevate Lithuanian culture and language;
  • To pursue traditions of the corporation and students life;
  • To cooperate with other students organizations, maintain professional and cultural relationships with other Lithuanian and foreign countries organizations;
  • To improve scientific, cultural and historical knowledge, take care of the corporation members professional development and professional ethics.


The main activity is educating the society about health issues such as smoking, drinking, drugs, sexually transmitted infections, unhealty nutrition. Also corporation actively cooperate with organizations of LUHS and other Lithuanian corporations. Philisters share their life and career experience with younger corporation members. Corporation members also improve their physical skills while fencing.


Hierarchical structure

Junjors – the newest and youngest corporation members. They have a small part of a shoulder strap with corporation colours. These members have just few rights and a lot of obligations (the most common is to assist senjors and philisters during corporation events).

Senjors are the competent members who can wear colors (shoulder strap and a cap). They are the active part of the corporation: they can be elected to a board of the corporation and organise all the events during semesters.

Philisters are so called alumni members, who had already finished the university. They pass their knowledge of traditions to younger corporation members and ensure that the traditions are being followed. Philisters wear couleur as well.


The board

The board is the main governing institution and it consists of:

  • Chairman is a head of administration, who leads and represents the corporation;
  • Scriba or secretary is responsible for communication with other corporations, writing the letters, sending and receiving invitations;
  • Treasurer – budget is at his/her command;
  • Mother/Father is responsible for junjors, takes care of them and their integration;
  • Arbiter/Magistra elegantiarium watches that members would stick to the rules.



Golden represents nobility, black – strength.

Males‘ colored stripes consist golden-black-golden stripes, females‘ – golden-red-black. Red color represents the love for Lithuania and has come as a devise of Patria. The shoulder strap is worn over the right shoulder to the left hip.


The Zirkel

It is a calligraphic mark, which all of the corporations have. There are differences between women‘s and men‘s sign, but both Zirkels consist of the corporation name letters. The exclamation mark next to the symbol means that organisation includes student members. When corporation consist only of philisters, the exclamation mark is no longer used. The Zirkel is embroidered on the top of a cap and shows a status and pertaining to one of the corporations.


Coat of arms

It represents the couler, the Zirkel and also have a snake which shows corporation subjection to medicine. The top left corner depicts „Fraternitas Lituanica“ and „Patria“ Zirkels and corporation slogan is quoted below (Humanitate et scientia).